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Sizing Pictures For Social

Image Sizes for Social Media - wordpress

When it comes to pictures on social media, how do you decide what size to post where? There are so many different image sizes needed depending on which social channel you are on.

Whether you are using pictures in a post, uploading a profile picture, or creating your cover photo, make sure the image is the correct size. Otherwise, it gets cut off and your post/page won’t have as big of an impact.

People are less likely to look at your page or post, if the picture doesn’t draw them in. So, make sure your picture is not cut off on any device when you upload it.

We get asked all of the time what image sizes on social goes where. So here are some infographics we created for each social media platform. They show you the sizes needed for each social media site.  

Image sizes for LinkedIn
Image Sizes for Facebook
Image Sizes for Instagram
Sizes for Youtube
Image Sizes for Twitter

If you don’t know how to create/format pictures, we can help. Feel free to email us anytime at

The information and pictures above were created by KLM Consulting and inspired by this article on HubSpot…

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