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Why You Need a Google My Business Listing

Do you have a Google My Business listing for your company? If not, do you want to know why it is critical for you to have a GMB listing to help grow your business? It’s vital to create a Google My Business page in today’s world. Here’s why…

perception equals profit

Perception Equals Profit

There are two different perceptions we think impact your profitability and success as a business. The perception you have about yourself and your business AND the perception others have of you and your business.

Perception equals profit seems to be a topic that keeps coming up with our clients lately. It might not make sense at first but let me explain.

support small business for free

Support Small Businesses

Have you ever wanted to support small business, but not sure how to do that besides financially as a patron or client? There are quite a few ways to help in a non-financial way.

LinkedIn for business

6 Reasons To Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social networking site used primarily for business worldwide and has over 590,000,000 users. It is one of the best online marketing tools you can use, especially right now with most in-person networking on hold. Here are 6 reasons why everyone should use LinkedIn for business…