Back to School=Back to Business!

It's that time of year again...millions of Americans are headed back to school. This is great news for everyone...students, parents, teachers and businesses. Why? Students are filling their heads with knowledge for the future. Parents get a reprieve from the summertime craziness. Businesses see a spike in sales because everyone is back to their routines … Continue reading Back to School=Back to Business!

Want to Throw a Party?

Have you ever wanted to throw a party but didn't know where to start or have the resources to put one on? If you love parties, why not use them as a marketing tool in your business. It's the easiest and best way to get in front of people, because most people love parties. You … Continue reading Want to Throw a Party?

First Impressions

Everyday you get a new chance at a first impression. How will a potential customer/client remember you? You are your brand; What you wear, how you carry yourself and the things you say all affect your brand. So, put your best foot forward every single day. It will be worth it.