Are you Goal Getting?

Have you heard people say, “set your goals for the new year so you can measure your success.” Why not say goal getting instead of goal setting? It has a better ring to it and seems to stick better, don’t you think. We recently attended one of Jodi Low’s U and Improved workshops, and she talked about this concept of goal getting. So, we have adopted it and now share it with our clients.

Are you still working on GETTING your goals that you set a couple months ago? If you have lost touch a little on your goals, go back and look at them. Focus on what you can do each week to achieve those goals. For most, it seems too overwhelming to think about the big goal at the end of the year. So, set smaller weekly goals that will ultimately get you to the BIG GOAL. For example, if your big goal is to land 3 large clients this year, what can you do this week to find those clients? Make a list of your target market, then find out how you get in front of them. Taking baby steps each day, will eventually lead to walking and running. You can do it!! We believe in you.

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